Non vi dovete preoccupare: ho detto quisquilie. A priora. [San Giovanni decollato]
A volte, anche un cretino ha un'idea. [Che fine ha fatto Toto' baby?]

Here you can find some recent works of mine (up to about 10 years old work). If work has not been published, the date next to the title is the latest date of modification of the work (usually, the date of submission). If the work has been published, you should always get the published version, as it is usually more accurate than the one posted here.

These preprints are provided to you "as they are," and are not guaranteed to be mistake free. If you find any, I will appreciate hearing about it. In fact, please feel free to send me your comments on these works.

Finally, please avoid plagiarizing these works, and please quote them in any work of yours which make use of them. Thanks. LD.

Recent Publications

Discontinuous Systems Parameter Dependent Matrices Optimization and Other Current Other Older Numerical Dynamics Software