Software: QRINT

QRINT is a suite of Fortran 77 codes that approximates the orthogonal factor Q in the QR factorization of a fundamental matrix solution (or part thereof) of a linear system. The codes integrate the differential equations defining the factor Q by representing Q as product of elementary Householder reflectors or Givens rotations. Various input/output options are provided, and we refer to the code itself for further documentation. In particular, please read the README file and the user interface in the soubroutine "qrint.f"

Luca Dieci, <>, and Erik S. Van Vleck, <>

These codes are provided for the benefit of the scientific community. While the authors decline any responsibility for possible malfunctioning of the codes, they will welcome any and all comments on bugs, recommended changes, and the like.

If you use these codes, the authors would appreciate your acknowledging having done so in the reports, publications, theses, etc., resulting from their use.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) during the time period in which these codes were written.

To use the codes, save the zip file below in the directory where you are going to put the codes. Upon having saved the file, "zip -a" it, and then you are ready.

Zipped file containing codes

Accompanying paper [With E. VanVleck. In Future Generation Computer Systems 19-3 (2003), pp. 363-373.]